Distance Learning Colleges


College SA

College SA has an established reputation as one of the leading Distance Learning Institutions in South Africa. With its unique approach to cater for the individual needs of its students, it has become one of the most accessible and student friendly learning colleges in South Africa. It offers a wide range of courses, ranging from short courses to certificate and diploma studies that can span up to two years. College SA also has a unique payment structure that allows the student to take payment holidays when they cannot afford to study or do not have the time to do so, in effect “freezing” the student’s account without any negative effect on the student’s credits.


College SA Courses:

Beauty Therapy Studies

Event Management Studies

Professional Institutes

Bookkeeping & Accounting Studies

FET Courses

Professional Qualifications

Business Administrator Studies

Financial Management

Project Management Studies

Business Studies

Food and Beverage

Radio & Sound Engineering Studies

CCSA Studies

Forensic Science Studies

Secretarial Studies

Child Care Studies

Graphic Design Studies

Short Courses

CIMA: Management Accounting Studies

Hospitality Courses

Small Business Management

CompTIA Studies

HR Management

Sports & Fitness Studies

Computer Studies

International Courses

Tax Studies

Counselling Studies

Investigation Studies

Technical Studies

Creative Studies

Journalism Studies

Tourism Studies

Decor & Design Studies

Management Studies

Web Design Studies

Design School


Wedding Planning Studies


Photographic Studies

Writing Studies


Policing Studies



Skills Academy

Skills Academy is a distance learning college that focuses on equipping its students with skills that will enable them to easily find a position in the job market. This college is skill specific, ensuring that through its short courses, students are taught a specific skill that they can immediately put to use in a career. This college is unique in as far as it doesn’t require its students to write exams in order to pass the course or module for which they enrolled. Students are merely required to complete all the assignments in the course, thus showing that they have an understanding of what they’ve learned. Furthermore, The Skills Academy only requires its learners to have Grade 10 and basic English communication and writing skills in order to enrol for its courses. This allows people from all walks of life to learn a new skill in a non-threatening environment and at their own pace.


Skills Academy Courses:

Business Studies

Computer Studies

College SA Studies

Creative Studies

Writing Studies

Safety and Security Studies

Short Courses

Soft Skills



The Learning Group

The Learning Group is a distance learning college that focuses on computer, business, sport, and creative studies. This college aims to work almost exclusively through the internet, resulting it good service to its students, as they have tutors at their disposal at the click of a button. This cuts out the frustration of holding for long periods of time when having a study-related query. With its focus on digital communication, The Learning Group in effect equips all of its students with a secondary skill – that of digital communication – that will make them even more employable once they graduate. 


The Learning Group Courses:

Interior Decorating

Events Management

Digital Photography

Writing School

Business Studies

Language Studies

Beauty Therapy

Child Care

Wedding Planning

Guest House Management

ICB Courses